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Frozen Requests…

Art Request: Frozen related featuring the two main protagonists….as a DJ and MC lol. It was an unusual request but definitely wanted to do it considering what she wanted the characters to do LOL. And yes, that’s Olaf down there.

I keep looking at the illustration wondering what I forgot to add. I’m certain I forgot something. Oh well…
All colored in Photoshop.

And yes, those are modeled after my turntables



My holiday shopping experiences so far…

…As we quickly approach Christmas and News Year’s day, I’ve been immersed in many work related projects which I can now call complete. I’ll post up some pencils and inks from said projects once I get the green light from the studios I contracted with.

As for my holiday shopping experience, I’ve been posting daily sketches on both Twitter and Facebook but I’ve neglected this portfolio blog site so here are some of those sketches to convey EXACTLY how I feel.

Disclaimer: no Disney character or Disney affiliated property were hurt in the making of these doodles.

Seasons Greetings,


What X-23 would do to every single holiday shopper she’d encounter…


Even cranky people need to shop…


Female problems….what would MJ and Felicia do?


Darth Vader can’t ever catch a break…

Starting to Work on Summer Commissions

With one big storyboard project soon reaching its conclusion (well hopefully by next week), I’ve been starting to take commissions again. Love the requests so far.

I remember in the past I would always receive anime related commissions which I love by the way, but it never really lets me exercise the skills I learned when I was younger. In fact the anime method usually makes me throw out all the basic skill sets I learned from all those art classes back in college. Hardly any of them apply when I’m attempting something so stylized.
However, for the past few years, I’ve been given the chance to work on the western related format which is great! I get to illustrate a woman’s actual plump lips, seductive eyes that make you do a double take, chiseled but noticeable nose and a body that has many curves. For male sketches, I get to illustrate ruggedly handsome features that draw a viewer in like a moth to a flame like eyes that could penetrate and burn your skin, muscular anatomy that has a viewer flexing to see if they could achieve the same movement and a grin that could tickle anyone’s fancy and make them melt. You know….stuff like that.

All of that…getting to sketch those kind of details excites me to the bone so much that I took one person’s requests and started out with doodles of what kind of eyes, nose and lips I need to achieve for the kind of style that they desired. So I didn’t get much sleep last night LOL. I’ll be working on the pose/layout soon but needed a concept sketch of how my version of an existing character would appear, so here is the result so far. This is still a work in progress type of sketch and with my main work project still lingering until client approval, I at least get to doodle ideas.