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Selfie gone wrong? A Big Hero 6 fan contribution sketch

Since most of my artist friends are jumping on the Big Hero 6 “sketch day” bandwagon, I figured I would as well.

So here’s my contribution sketch entitled “selfie gone wrong”. Poor Baymax doesn’t have a clue how this is supposed to be done.

There is an official image where this is inspired from but my version is laid out differently and awkward hence the title.



Animation Progress…

It’s day 65 of this animation project I’m working on and I’ve progressed to animating scenery. Fun right? Because a sunrise and animated orchard grass is all the rage, no?

On a semi serious note, I’m hoping that some of the shots of scenario (when it’s actually completed) will inspire some people to go camping this summer lol. One of my favorite past times.

But in the meantime, here’s that orchard grass and bald eagle in a distance flying by. For now the music is filler since I’m still deciding between this BG track and another one. Also testing the bird in flight.


Just click the image to access the video on Facebook




Mustache love continues with more concepts…

More concepts and more love for mustaches…but different character this time.

Although I might have to change the shape of his mustache. He’s probably gonna have several revamps