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Charlene Dupre (Flamingo) Tribute….

Kinda busy hammering out concepts for a client but I did manage to create a little something not too long ago.
Started when I had to do some catch up on a series I was reading entitled Harbinger from the publisher, Valiant. This one was a remake and I had read up to issue #19 and stopped. Well….FINALLY picked up where I left off and finished up to #23 and…..I did not see that coming.

Seriously did not see this coming….at all. So in tribute to my favorite renegade. As the character, Kris, her fellow teammate had said, THE FLAMINGO LIVES ON!

Farewell to the character Charlene Dupre (SPOILERS)



Test Animation – Pond Segment for animated short

Just some test animation for a small segment of many for the opening portion of my animated short. No audio as usual. Painted in Photoshop CS6

I’ll have to adjust the water ripples at some point but here’s the progress so far. Looks like all the segments I’ve done so far are almost completed so that should be around a minute in length or so when I splice them together.

Also a shout out to beginner 2D animators. This “falling leaf” technique are a few of the first things you’ll learn to animate LOL. This technique still works wonders to convey a mood.

Pond segment – Test Animation from Wolfie Stickel on Vimeo.

More brush tool practice and Sailor Venus Love


Just practicing with another Photoshop brush tool. With trial and error, it took a total of 4 1/2 hours.
Despite what her planet represents, it’s ironic that she doesn’t get a lot of love lol. Anyhow “Venus Love Me Chain!” Probably the most versatile power among the senshi.
She still needs her own OVA series. She got gypped….