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Happy Birthday, Kumiko!


August 21st is Oumae Kumiko-san’s birthday so I decided last minute to do a birthday illustration.


Mathilda Lando from Léon: The Professional

Planning to do a rewatch of Léon: The Professional. Such a gripping movie back in the early 90’s and I loved Natalie Portman’s portrayal of ‘Mathilda’
Sooooo….had to do my own illustrated version. I attempted speed painting but well….only if you consider 2 1/2 hours speed painting LOL. Sorry I was too lazy to do the striped version of her shirt, heh. And promo images have her holding a revolver so I decided to give her a semi-auto instead.




Canyon Sunrise Animation Test

This is just a test scene of a sunrise at a canyon. This will be added on to the opening scene of my animated short.


Canyon Sunrise Animation Test from Wolfie Stickel on Vimeo.